Solar Panel System Presentation by Jim Straeter

This is a solar panel system presentation covering current topics on solar energy, solar systems, storage solutions, and what changes are happening in the solar industry today. Presented by Jim Straeter, President of Ag Technologies Inc. and inventor of the SolarCAM ground-mount solar system.

Video Table of Contents:

  1. About Ag Technologies Inc and Current State of the Solar Business (0min 10sec)
  2. How Does Solar Work? (3min 58sec)
  3. What Makes SolarCAM Systems Unique and Better? (6min 37sec)
  4. Importance of the Sun’s Path (7min 53sec)
  5. Adjusting a SolarCAM Solar System (13min 20sec)
  6. SolarWorld Panels (16min 25sec)
  7. What’s in a SolarWorld Panel (18min 10sec)
  8. Importance of Warranty Policies (22min 14sec)
  9. Enphase Micro-Inverters vs. String Inverters (24min 34sec)
  10. Rapid Shutdown Policy and Smart Inverters (28min 44sec)
  11. System Monitoring with Enphase (31min 5sec)
  12. Current State of Battery Storage Options (33min 34sec)
  13. Next Gen Energy Storage Solution – Hydrogen (40min 20sec)
  14. Hydrogen Powered Tractors Coming (47min 54sec)
  15. SolarCAM System vs. the Competition (48min 47sec)
  16. Cash Flow Worksheet (56min 24sec)
  17. Our Certifications (57min 46sec)
  18. SolarCAM Stand Design Upgrades (58min 10sec)
  19. Conclusion (1hr 1min 55sec)