Small Projects

Don’t let the potential size of your solar system discourage you from considering solar. Solar systems are a good investment because you don’t have to pay the utility company for all the electricity that you are using. So if you are paying a high rate for your electrical usage currently, as is the case with most of our customers with smaller electric bills, then you stand to get more value per dollar spent on solar!

We install solar systems for homeowners, businesses, farmers, etc. regardless of the size needed. Everyone’s situation is different on whether or not solar makes sense for them. We start by examining your current electric bill to help determine how much you are currently paying for your electricity, at what rate, and what your utility company’s policy is towards solar energy. If you are interested in starting that process, please contact us.

Why Solar is Affordable Now

Research shows that the more demand there is for a product, the cheaper production costs become. The data shows this to be true with solar panel costs. As solar installations have continued to reach new heights since 2009, solar installation costs have continued to decline. This increase in demand in the U.S. started with the ITC federal tax credit, which is at 30% until the end of 2032. Combining this with the fact that utility rates only seem to be increasing, and this makes now the best time to take advantage of the market to get a solar system installed!

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