Planning & Mapping

With as many systems as we’ve installed, we understand the need to make sure solar makes sense for you. By analyzing your electric bills, we can determine the cost of the system that makes sense for you, and the projected savings you will realize over the lifespan of our system.

Along with reviewing the dollars and cents of the system, we also figure out the logistics. We use software linked with Google Maps that allows us to map exactly where to put your system, accounting for shade and where the sun will be to get the most out of your panels.

Funding Options

We understand that funding the up-front costs of solar energy presents a challenge to some customers. For that reason we offer:

• Leasing provides low monthly payments.
• Customers can elect to keep the investment tax credit or pass the tax credit to the leasing company.

We have arranged financing through a number of financial institutions with payment terms up to 10 years.

We offer assistance at no charge for the application process to grants such as the USDA REAP Grant and other incentives!

Contact us to look at possible funding options for you!