Our Services

Planning & Mapping

We use software linked with Google Maps that allows us to map exactly where to put your system, accounting for shade and where the sun will be to get the most out of your panels.


We have a construction team with years of experience installing solar systems all over the Midwest.

Small Projects

Whether it’s a residential home, farm, or business, we install solar systems of all sizes.

Big Projects

We’ve put in 10 acres worth of solar panels for one project alone. No matter how large of a system you need, we can accommodate for it.

System Monitoring

You can monitor your system yourself to make sure you are producing what you should be. Unlike some of our competitors, our system allows you to track each panel’s performance.

Grant Applications

Depending on what you are using your panels for and where you live, there may be grants available to apply for. We have won many grants for systems we have installed by using a full-time grant writer.