What sets our system apart from the competition?

See how our patented SolarCAM solar system maximizes your energy production with a simple, clever design.

This solar energy measurement tool demonstrates the difference in energy received at different angles. Our winter setting is 45 degrees, which yields 949 watts per meter squared in this example, whereas a fixed tilt or roof mount panels will typically be at 25 degrees. The instrument at 25 degrees is collecting only 787 watts per square meter, a 20% decrease in production. Having the ability to adjust angle for seasonal sun change benefits the customer the entire life of the solar system.

The angle of adjustment is done 4 times annually. As the video shows, the cam locks are easily opened on each leg. The adjusting jack is cranked to change the angle, and then the cam locks are closed. In this video, the entire adjustment was easily done in less than a minute. Notice the inherent strength in the SolarCAM stand, which is designed to balance the panel weight over the centrally located pipe for easy adjustment.

Not every solar system is the same, so considering how the stand will last over time is a big factor worth consideration. So what long-term maintenance is needed on this system? A simple grease application about once every three years to keep the jack turning easily is all that we found is needed. Jim Straeter demonstrates here how applying a small dose of white grease on the SolarCAM stand is done with little effort.

Buying a solar system is not just environmentally friendly, it’s also a bright investment. Save against rising utility rates and take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit now with our patented ground mount solar system.

Our Services

Planning & Mapping

We use software linked with Google Maps that allows us to map exactly where to put your system, accounting for shade and where the sun will be to get the most out of your panels.


We have a construction team with years of experience installing solar systems all over the Midwest.

System Monitoring

You can monitor your system yourself to make sure you are producing what you should be. Unlike some of the competition, our system allows you to track each panel’s performance.

Small Projects

Whether it’s a residential home, farm, or business, we install solar systems of all sizes.

Big Projects

We’ve put in 10 acres worth of solar panels for one project alone. No matter how large of a system you need, we can accommodate for it.

Grant Applications

Depending on what you are using your panels for and where you live, there may be grants available to apply for. We have won many grants for systems we have installed by using a full-time grant writer.

Why us?

Proven Performance

We have over 600 systems installed to show how our systems perform.

Competitive Pricing

With our one-of-a-kind system, we can offer the best pricing to maximize the return on your investment.

Made in the USA

We use Hanwha Q Cells panels, a global company whose panels are manufactured right here in the USA.

25 Year Warranty

Our solar panels are backed by a 25 year warranty, and will last beyond that.

We got the tools

With our background in farm equipment and construction, we know to carry the best tools for the job.

Great Support

Our staff can monitor your system after install to ensure no defects are detected.